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Borrowing Limits

Library Bags

We encourage all students to carry their books in a library bag as library bags protect our valuable books and keep them clean and dry from other items in the school bag.

Students who forget their library bag can borrow a ‘Boomerang Bag’ from the library. These are calico bags that are loaned to the students. Boomerang Bags must be returned to the library the following week. Boomerang Bags are not for long term use, as all students should have their own Library bag.

School Library bags can be purchased from the school's uniform shop.

Borrowing Tips

  • Keep Library books in the library bag when they are not being read.

  • Find a safe place in your home to keep the library bag and books and always store them in the same place as this will stop your child losing their library bag and books.

  • Organise Library bag and books the night before your child's Library day.

  • Return books to the library each week during the library lesson, lunch time or before/ after school.

  • Renew books still being read.

  • Please notify the Teacher Librarian of any damaged or lost books.

Borrowing Limits

Stage                                     Loan Number

Kindergarten                              2 Books

Stage One                                   3 Books

Stage Two                                   3 books

Stage Three                                3 Books

Students who would like to borrow more books each week are encouraged to arrange this with the Teacher Librarian. Borrowing is encouraged over the school holidays (excluding Christmas) for recreational reading.